About Stephen

After a lifetime of drawing, I decided to use my unexpected free time to explore painting. I have always loved pictures of the old Vineyard, and decided to get some of the images in my head onto canvas. My favorite relic of the past has always been classic cars, as reflected in this collection. These are the majority of my paintings from 2020.

With some encouragement, I decided to take advantage of the opportunities living on Martha’s Vineyard provides. And I put my energies towards becoming part of the great art tradition of this island.

I take classic subjects and try to find new ways to exhibit them. I explore the medium I am using at the moment from the perspective of what others have done and from the view of an explorer traversing an undiscovered country. This is what creates my distinctive style. It creates something familiar yet from a view all my own. . My interpretation of my subject matter comes from a place that loves drama and seeks that feeling of danger and beauty. At my most successful, the viewer imagines what happens next and has a stake in the drama and beauty of the scene.